CSIR-NIO researching role of ocean molecules in COVID-19 cure


Panaji, Apr 20 The Goa-based CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and other units are exploring the possibility of using marine derived bioactive molecules in the treatment of COVID-19, and a concept note in this connection has been submitted to CSIR, New Delhi, a senior official said on Monday.

Director of CSIR-NIO Sunil Kumar Singh told the research is aimed at finding whether molecules extracted from the depth of the ocean can cure COVID-19.

“Molecules having anti-viral and anti-malarial properties have been extracted by CSIR-NIO scientists and these molecules will be screened for COVID-19 inhibition. The entire project is currently in concept form, and a detailed presentation on it would be made to CSIR very soon,” Singh said.


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