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Count all votes together: Sankalp Amonkar

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Vasco: Sankalp Amonkar has demanded  that counting of all 11 municipalities including one corporation should be held on same day.

He has demanded that the counting of votes of all 11 municipalities including one corporation should be held on same day . Amonkar said that the results of 6 municipalities going for early elections on 20th March could influence voters of the remaining 5 municipalities.
Amonkar said that while the Supreme Court verdict had been a slap on the Government and the DMA department led by Urban Development Minister Milind Naik, there had been news that there could be political interference again and reminded the government that the Supreme Court order specifically said that reservations cannot be done prior to appointing an independent state election commissioner which was not yet done.
Amonkar also said that while the 6 municipalities would be going for early elections,  the counting of the municipalities should be held along with other municipalities so as to ensure that  the results of the 6 municipalities do not influence the voters of the remaining 5 municipalities that will be going for elections on a later date after new reservation is done. Amonkar said that even during previous assembly elections , voting was done in February but the counting and subsequent results were held in March .


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