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Congress questions CM’s action of consulting patients at Asilo

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Mapusa: Congress party in Goa on Tuesday questioned Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s gesture of consulting patients at state run hospital on his birthday, when he is not a government doctor.

Sawant, a private Ayurveda Practitioner by profession, on April 24 had visited State run district hospital and even had consulted the patients.

Congress’ Goa Spokesman Amarnath Panjikar has said that the act of chief minister was “irresponsible” as he is not a government doctor.

“The act of Chief Minister to examine patients at the Government Asilo Hospital in Mapusa on his birthday is an act of irresponsibility,” Panjikar said. “The Chief Minister has crossed all limits of morality and hence should immediately step down. The BJP government is playing with the lives of the people to seek cheap publicity even during the time of Corona Pandemic,” Panjikar said.

The congress spokesman said that Sawant had announced that he will not celebrate his birthday in view of the COVID-19 crises faced by the people across the Globe.

“Surprisingly, defying his own announcement he went to Asilo Hospital at Mapuca and examined patients, which is an act of irresponsible behaviour. The Chief Minister himself made it clear to the media and others that he had stopped practicing for the past 10 years,” he said.

Congress has demanded an inquiry about who allowed Sawant who is no longer a Government Practitioner to examine patients, write prescriptions, check X-ray reports etc. in a government hospital.


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