CM needs to admit that we should  worry now



Sankhalim: There is a reason for Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to worry more now. The coronavirus has actually started hitting right inside his assembly constituency in the areas like Desai Nagar and Bhandarwado.

The rise in cases in this area is a cause of concern as the virus has got into community transmission, sparing no one. The areas like Honda, a village in between Valpoi and Sankhalim, too are facing the brunt of this virus.

While politicking and blame game can wait for a while, serious steps need to be taken to control this virus which is on the rampage.

Locals claim that one of the positive patient who went undetected for some days was the reason behind this spread in Sankhalim area. There is no formal confirmation to this claim, though.

Former Health Minister Suresh Amonkar who hails from Sankhalim is one of the patient from this area. He is currently admitted in ESI, and remains to be stable.

Initial statements by CM that “bhiupachi garaj na” (no need to worry) may have been an attempt to instill confidence amongst the people of the state, the chief minister has now admitted about community transmission.

Gone are the days when we were talking about flattening the curve in Goa.

Chief Minister should go overboard to appeal people to wear masks and also maintain social distancing.

Threat of a jail for those who go without masks may not be required, if state government studies how exact the virus continued spreading despite people wearing masks.

The study needs to be done as to how the infection happened as we may find some unknown sources of this virus, which is spreading it further.



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