Agarshala inaugurated at Kopardem, Sattari



Poriem: MLA for the Poriem Constituency Dr. Deviya Rane recently inaugurated the Agarshala at the Shri Brahmani Mahamaya Temple in Kopardem. Also present were the former chief minister of Goa, Shri Pratapsingh Rane, Smt. Vijayadevi Rane, and Panch Members Sayaji Sawant and Radhika Sawant.

Brahmanimaya is believed to be the presiding deity of this sacred grove. At close proximity to the grove’s entrance sits a holy tank. Every skin condition, including some that are incurable with conventional medicine, is said to be treated by the water from this sacred tank. “This temple is frequented by many people from all across the nation for skin ailments. Such significant religious sites should be developed and conserved for the benefit of the general population “said MLA Dr. Deviya Rane.


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