A COVID Appropriate Mindset… By Rohan Khaunte

Covid-19 will very much continue to be undesirably with us in 2021 and its prudent that we develop a Covid Appropriate Mindset to counter this Pandemic. Humanity has been known to have withstood worse catastrophies by its ingenuity for survival and this is one of those times.

The Corona Virus is challenging Humanity’s capacity to put up an intelligent resistance to its worldwide viral onslaught. The onus is on each one of us to prove smarter than the virus by adapting our daily lives to stop the propagation of the virus amongst us.

Adaptation has ensured our survival through the ages. Adversities have been overcome with appropriate adaptations. Just as the virus adapts itself for survival through mutations, humans need to adapt a drastic change in mindset as against the carefree nature of the present. We need to inculcate the Covid Protocols into our day-to-day lives so much so that it becomes second nature to us. Habitual practice will ensure development of a Covid appropriate mindset which will become an involuntary behavioural response enabling us to to counter the pandemic threat.

This Change of Mindset needs to begin at home. Parents & Children alike should insist each other on practising Covid prevention measures and each family member should act as a check on each other to ensure the habitual development of Covid Appropriate Behaviour.

Our Social interactions also needs a revamp. Compulsion on Masking, Sanitisation and Social Distancing shouldn’t be viewed as a Government order but as a Social Necessity. Even after a year under the sufferings of Corona, we still foolishly consider it insulting if someone asks us to wear a mask or keep distance. It’s time we understood that Covid Protocols protect Others as well as Ourselves, there’s no place for YOU & ME ego’s in this Fight for Survival, its US against the Virus!

The second surge of the pandemic brings with it more complex issues for humanity. As the virus has been around for almost a year now, it’s adaptability and mutations is making it stronger. Even those who had contracted the virus earlier and survived are at a risk of re-infection due to diminishing immunity with time. Obtaining mass immunity by vaccination is going to be a long drawn process in a densely populated country like India. Despite the best efforts by our Government, the present percentage of vaccination is only a minor dent on our huge population. Hence, its all the more pertinent to develop a Covid Appropriate Mindset rather than await the immunity offered by vaccination. Our aim should be to curtail sufferings & fatalities while we await our turn of vaccination.

Let each of us be a Soldier in this War against the Pandemic. It’s time Humanity Adopts an Appropriate Mindset Against Corona!


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