You can’t control life partner, what are we talking about coalition partner?: Mauvin Godinho


Panaji: Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho said that in the period where you can’t control the life partner, we should not be speaking about controlling the alliance partners.

 Godinho said that there are bound to be issues amongst the alliance partners in coalition government.

“There are so many cases where you cannot control your life partner, where you are talking of your political partner?,” Godinho shot back at reporters when asked about the bickering in the alliance.

When you run a coalition government, the problems are bound to happen, the minister said adding that the coalition partners who are speaking against the government now will maintain silence at right time.

“Everyone will toe the line of coalition when time comes,” Godinho said.

Godinho said that the government will have to put little extra efforts to solve the problems with alliance partners.

“Since in Goa we are in the age of alliance, naturally we have to factor in everything, including wishes, opinions of them. You have to put in little more extra efforts to solve that,” he commented.

Godinho said that the BJP will win the upcoming Lok Sabha seats in Goa on the agenda of development.


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