Women activist hails Vijai Sardesai for amendment in Factories Act

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Margao:  A group of women activists on Saturday welcomed decision of State government to approve amendment to Factories Act allowing night shifts for women workforce in industries.

State cabinet, this week, approved amendment to the Factories Act, which allows the industries to have night shifts for their women employees. The amendment would be tabled during next Assembly Session.

“This is a welcome step in process towards women empowerment adopted by the State government and specially Deputy chief minister Vijai Sardesai,” said Auda Viegas, President, Bailancho Ekvott, a NGO working for women and child in Goa, addressing a press conference in Margao town of South Goa.

She said that the amendment has proved that the state government wants to take up realistic steps towards giving trouble free space for women to excel in their careers.

“This will help women to get more jobs and also freedom to pursue their service anywhere,” Viegas said.

“Government  has also said that state government will ensure safety of women at workplace, which is important,” she added.

Writer cum activist Jyoti Cuncolienkar said that the amendment is a revolutionary step taken by the state government.

“This will provide provide equality at the workplace. Many a times women could not get the post she was eligible due to the work timing restriction. Now that will not be an issue,” she added.


  1. Unfortunately, Goa has terrible roads. The infrastructure is not great. What kind of security will be available for women in the night? There have been unfortunate cases against women in beaches etc in many places in Goa and if Govt. can provide good security to women in all the lanes and bylanes of Goa, then they should go ahead with this. It is not about equality.

    What if companies roster women in night shifts and make them travel on their own? What about safety of women in the night in factories etc? Are all these points considered before opening up?

    Dont start something which will create another monstrous problem.


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