Why Vijai Sardesai wants Mauvin Godinho to be sacked from cabinet?


Margao: Goa Forward Party Chief Vijai Sardesai has demanded that Panchayat minister Mauvin Godinho should be sacked.
In a tweet after addressing gathering of civic society in Margao, Sardesai said “SACK @MauvinGodinho BEFORE HE BECOMES EXTRA BURDEN FOR GOA. I’m surprised that nobody has reacted to the @BJP4Goa minister’s ridiculous comment that there’s ‘extra democracy’ in #Goa. His words reflects nothing but sheer arrogance. His attacks on activists who point out his consistant stand against Goa’s interests expose his and @GovtofGoa’s anti-democratic, anti-people attitude. I’m not only condemning his statement but also asking @goacm to express his view on his statement & drop him from the cabinet immediately.”


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