When dog refused to eat biscuit, Rahul Gandhi offered it to party worker: Sawant


Panaji: Chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant during election campaign on Tuesday accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of offering the same biscuit to his party worker, which he had offered to his pet dog.

Narrating the incident during Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra during a public meeting at Chimbel village near Panaji, the chief minister said that Rahul Gandhi is on a Yatra on his vehicle.

“In one of the place, when he was travelling on his vehicle, his dog started barking at the people who had gathered there. To calm down the dog, Rahul offered biscuit to his dog,” Sawant said.

“When dog refused to eat the biscuit, the same one was offered by him to a party worker,” the chief minister narrated.

BJP Goa Desk incharge Ashish Sood, Goa BJP President Sadanand Shet Tanavade were also present for the public meeting on Tuesday where the chief minister narrated the anecdote.

Sawant said “Congress does not respect its workers.”

The chief minister said that BJP leaders have come to Chimbel asking for the votes for upcoming Lok Sabha elections but no one will come from Congress. “That is because congress has no one with them,” he added.

Sawant cautioned the people that other parties will come here and ask for votes dividing the voters on the basis of caste and religion.

“BJP does not believe in caste or religion. When temple was built at Ayodhya, the government gave a big land nearby where the largest mosque is taking shape. BJP treats everyone as equal,” he said.


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