We will continue to fight despite all odds, say Melauli villagers By Devendra Gaonkar


Valpoi: Melauli villagers continued their protest on Saturday in forest. Around 300 villagers where present for the protest in forest. Villagers exuded that they will continue their fight against IIT project to save their village from distruction.

“Let the Goa Police harass us, while putting attempt to murder saction on us. Let the arrest and beat us, we will not stopped our fight. We dont want IIT project in our village. We are stick on our demand and we will never ever change our demand any how. We will not bend down on our knees,” villagers said.

The villagers have said that they will hold a meeting and will discuss whether to talk with the Chief Minister on IIT issue again or not in coming days. And if they decide to talk with the Chief Minister then they put forth in front of the chief minister to remove the all sactions which has been putted on villagers and they dont want the IIT in Melauli village.

The police force were deployed at Guleli and Khotodem village junction on Saturday.


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