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Vijai’s independence message reaffirms faith in Goans to overcome all challenges.


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Addressing the state on the eve of India’s 75th Independence Day, Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai said he has trust in the people of Goa to overcome all challenges”. Sardesai in his address paid special tribute to the nation’s armed forces and its healthcare workers—doctors, nurses and emergency staff—adding that Goa will always be grateful for their service and sacrifice.

Vijai highlighted the fact that all through India’s 75 years of independence, Goa has contributed significantly to the nation’s progress, while maintaining its unique identity, culture and way of life. He noted that “as Goans, we are proud of our identity; not only for those of us in Goa but also for our Goan diaspora all across the world.” Sardesai said that “Goans are a bold and humble people who want good things to happen to all, and want all people to be happy and our state to be well.”

The GFP chief mentioned the challenges due to the pandemic, urging Goans to continue staying vigilant, and praised the unity Goans showed in difficult these difficult times. “During the pandemic, we found the partners and teammates we needed in our families, neighbours, doctors, nurses, religious leaders—all worked selflessly and diligently to strengthen our bonds which continues to help us get through the pandemic”, said Sardesai.

Vijai Sardesai also raised many issues of public concern in the state such as Mollem, Mhadei, coal, education, public safety, economy and jobs, calling them “bigger challenges in Goa that we face”. He said: “The people are confronted with unprecedented evils like arrogance, ego, incompetence, the destruction of democracy, lethargy and profiteering from the government of the day.” Sardesai added that it is saddening to see Goa becoming unsafe day by day. “Our women are under constant threat of being harmed, our wage earners are losing their jobs, our children are being robbed of their opportunities for a good education. Our state is undergoing its worst financial crisis, and our infrastructure is crumbling”. Furthermore, he made note of Goa’s unique culture and heritage being lost due to a fast track sale of the state.”

In his address, Vijai Sardesai urged Goans to accept this challenge and say yes to its defeat. He called on all Goans to unite as “one team to move forward together and stronger and reclaim our Goa.” Sardesai pointed out that Goa’s future generations deserve a state that is future-ready and lives up to global expectations.”

“We can do that. we are capable getting Goa back on track because Goans are a people who never runs away from challenges.” Vijai asserted.

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  1. GFP is the best friend of Congress & BJP. No doubt even 1%. BJP formed 2017 Government with the help of GFP. Congress formed Margao Municipal Corporation with the help of GFP.


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