Vijai, Digambar lamblast govt in assembly over No confidence motion against sarpanch of Siridao-Pale

Panaji : Vijai Sardesai slammed the Home Minister CM Pramod Sawant over an incident which took place in Siridao-Pale Panchayat where allegedly members of panchayat were restrained from passing a no confidence motion against the Present Sarpanch.
Sardesai said “The police stopped the members from passing a no-confidence motion against Jagdish Gauns, a Sarpanch backed by MLA Francis Silveira, this is a complete collapse of law and order.”
Leader of opposition Digambar Kamat also informed the house today that his vehicle was stopped by the villagers of Siridao who asked for his intervention into the issue.
The Sarpanch Jagdish Gauns who is backed by St Andre MLA Francis Silveira  had filed a complaint of robbery in the panchayat office after which the police refused to allow panchayat secretary to open the office claiming they wanted to investigate.
However, the members held the panchayat meeting outside the village panchayat premises and they succeeded in passing no-confidence motion against the Sarpanch.


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