Vaishnavi Ugadekar strikes chord with the voters with her smile


Panaji: Vaishnavi Ugadekar is the youngest in the lot of contestants for upcoming Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) but her enthusiasm is unmatchable.

Contesting from ward number 21 of CCP, Vaishnavi has been touched every household in her ward with her symbol of Baby Doll.

“I believe in collective working spirit, taking operations and views of every concerned individual in decision making and not force my views on others,” she said in her manifesto.

Appealing people to vote for her, she said “By electing me, you will be electing yourself, your family person in the municipality, for fulfillment of your aspirations.”

In her immediate priorities, Vaishnavi has assured to provide growth and empowerment to the emerging youth of the ward number 21.

Vaishnavi said that she will ensure that no garbage is found around in public places and there after to ensure proper and timely garbage collection and disposal.

While her promises makes her different from the rest, what is more striking is the response that she gets.

Being born and brought up in the same area, she knows everyone by first name and enjoys the blessings as she is youngest amongst all.


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