Tourism department to issue circular against venturing into unsafe spots: Rohan Khaunte


Panaji: Tourism minister Rohan Khaunte on Thursday said that many a times tourists or locals venture into dangerous spots, only after watching a video by social media influencer.
Khaunte told reporters that state tourism department will issue circular asking tourists and locals to confirm about safety of the place before venturing there.

“Sometimes, an instagram influencer releases video about abandoned quarry which is filled with water. After watching that video, people go there and jump in the water, without realising the dangers and then get drowned,” the minister said.

He said that the state government cannot control such incidents as these quarries are inside the forests and no one can imagine that someone will go and jump into it.

Khaunte said that his department will issue circular or create awareness amongst the tourists and also locals appealing them to check about the safety of the places before venturing into such dangerous spots.

The minister said that despite chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant appealing people not to swim in the dangerous waters, there are incidents of drowning reported in the state.

It may be recalled that both the district collectors had issued circulars prohibited swimming in waterfalls, abandoned quarries, and rivers, among other water bodies.

The Collectors had warned that failure to abide by the order would amount to a violation of section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

Section 188 deals with disobedience that causes or tends to cause danger to human life, health or safety.

The administration had cited that many incidents of drowning were reported in waterfalls, abandoned quarries, rivers, lakes and other water bodies and swimming in these waters poses a risk.

“It is necessary to take exigent measures in this regard to prevent any danger to human life or safety and security of the general public,” the circular had said.

The ban on swimming in these water bodies will remain in place until further orders, it had stated.

Local police inspectors and mamlatdars were directed to maintain strict vigil in their jurisdiction and enforce this orde


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