The matter about the ship is serious, investigation will happen: Michael Lobo


Panaji: Goa government on Friday admitted that the condition of Naphtha laden ship which has run aground off Goa coast has been “serious”, while efforts are on to refloat it.

On October 24, an unmanned tanker ship carrying huge quantity of Naphtha had drifted from Mormugao Port Trust (MPT), and had ran aground off Goa coast, almost 2.5 nautical miles from Dona Paula village, near Panaji.

State Ports Minister Michael Lobo said that the private  company which has been hired to empty the Naphtha and salvage the ship is “in the process of mobilizing its resources.”

He said that the ship has stuck on the rock inside the Sea while its condition is serious. “The salvager company will have to refloat the ship before tugging it away in the Sea,” Lobo said.

“The matter is serious and when it is serious, it needs to be dealt seriously,” he said blaming MPT for allowing unmanned ship to enter the harbour.

Lobo said that the entire problem was created due to callous attitude of MPT officials who allowed unmanned ship to anchor in the port.

“MPT could have refused to allow the ship to enter the port. How did they allow the ship without engine,” the minister said.

Lobo said that state government’s first job is to ensure that the ship has to move out and after that the inquiry would be initiated against the officials who allowed the ship.

“This is not the right time to do investigation this is a time to salvage the ship. I will ask District collector to do the investigation,” the minister said.


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