The Bhakts of killers of Mahatma Gandhi who had Ram in his heart till his last breath should not preach congress about Shree Ram- Subhash Faldessai


Margao: The Congress Party strongly believes in the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi who had Ram in his heart and whose last words were Hey Ram. The followers of the Killers of Mahatma Gandhi should not teach Congress Party about Shree Ram stated GPCC General Secretary Subhash Faldessai.

The Congress General Secretary Amarnath Panjikar has rightly condemned the act of Chief Minster Dr. Pramod Sawant of holding Shree Ganesh Bhakts in Goa responsible for spread of Corona Virus. Dr. Pramod Sawant must apologise for hurting sentiments of the Ganesh Bhakts with his irresponsible statement demanded Subhash Faldesaai.

BJP Spokesperson Dattaprasad Naik must keep in mind that the rapid spread of Corona Virus is due to defective BJP Government in Goa.

Congress Party always believes in Communal Harmony and accepts the freedom of each individual to practice the religion of their choice. The BJP has always used religion for political gain and tried to instigate people for vote bank politics only during elections. BJP has no respect for any religion.

The BJP which is trying to preach Congress about religion and culture must teach the same to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was seen performing Aarti of Shree Ram and Shree Laxman at Dussera Celebrations in Delhi and planting the sacred tree sapling at Aayodya wearing Sandals. The people of Goa have also seen former Chief Minister Late Manohar Parrikar wearing chappals while performing rituals in front of Jagannath Rath Yatra at Miramar.

The BJP Government must immediately act on taking steps to control spread of Corona virus in Goa, failing which Congress Party will be compelled to come on roads with the people of Goa demanding proper healtcare facilities.

Subhash Faldessai
General Secretary – GPCC


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