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Students willing to learn but lack of network a hindrance to online learning


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Panaji: The largest Taluka of North Goa, Sattari is rich in natural resources, more than three fourth of the Taluka is composed of rural areas. Unfortunately it is neglected in terms of modern infrastructures.
Since internet connectivity is not available at the same speeds everywhere the teachers have started visiting  villages to gather students in common places like temples to impart education.
Students of  Sanvordem who had been visiting their school ground to get internet connection are confined to their houses due to rain. While subjects like literature can be read in textbooks, Maths on the other hand has been a real problem for the students. “The voice breaks when I am attending online classes hence I cannot understand maths” said a local student.
A parent complained that even though she is educated she cannot teach 8th & 9th Standard maths as it is difficult.
With frequent network issues students are not able to upload their assignments on time. Access to smartphones also remains an issue of concern. In most houses the lone member of the family earns and has his/her phone which they carry with them to their work.
The challenges don’t end here. Those who could afford and give their children smartphones are worried whether their children will use it only for educational purposes or use it excessively to play games, watch videos and use social media.
There have been several cases where students hurt themselves while climbing a tree to get a network
Dr Narayan Desai, an educationalist, has suggested we have  laws in place to address the grievance of these children.  “Village Education Committee (VEC) and Village Child Committee (VCC) under the Panchayat can provide relief to these students” he said.
Associate professor & HOD of Computer Science, Sameena Falleiro stated that teachers could send audio recordings instead of videos, pen drives with study material could be distributed she has also suggested that Panchayat should responsibility and help the students.
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