Strengthen prevention to address growing concern of substance abuse: Children rights’ body


Panaji:   Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has called for a strengthened prevention to address the growing concern of substance abuse amongst the students.

In a media statement released here on the eve of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the commissin has said “strengthening the prevention is vital.”

“Strengthening prevention is very vital as the drug abuse problem is now eating into the very vials of Goan society and is doing much more damage than even alcohol,”Commission’s Chairperson Peter F Borges said.

He said that the drug and alcohol use affects health outcomes, job opportunities, family life, and academic outcomes. The problem is grave and continues to wreak havoc in the state, resulting in tragic consequences for young adolescents, their families, and communities.

 He said that Prevention programmes in educational settings offers a “window of opportunity” for the establishment of neural pathways that may protect against the development of drug and alcohol use problems.

“The state requires, a well-coordinated, sustainable response to reduce the harmful use of alcohol and drugs that seeks to improve the health and social outcomes for individuals, families, and communities,” he said.

The commission has said “ now more than ever, it is critical to focus resources and efforts.”


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