Stop salaries of all MLAs; they have no work: Congress


Panaji: Accusing the State government trying to cover-up its failures in regards to COVID cases, financial status and other related issues, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) Media Cell convenor Trajano D’Mello has demanded to stop the salaries and other benefits of MLAs from ruling and opposition claiming they have no work.

“This government reduced the monsoon assembly session to one day business, when there was need to discuss about the preparedness to combat COVID-19 pandemic. Goa government initially boasted for zero cases in Goa and showed no efforts to tackle the pandemic. Now people of Goa are suffering for the mistake done by this government.” D’Mello vociferously said.

“It is right of every Goan to know about the financial status and the preparedness of the State to combat the fearful forecast by the Health Ministry on the likely ravaging menace of COVID- 19. Government should come up with a white paper on these things.” D’Mello demanded.

According to him, at present government is not seen functioning and MLAs have no role to play, hence they should not be paid salaries.

“Government is not answering to any questions raised by opposition or citizens of Goa. Is this a democracy.” He questioned.

“I am sure people of Goa will ponder into burning issues and will make their own assessment.” He said.

D’Mello raised following question, which people can ponder:

1. Recent admission of the HM that beds are not sufficient raises the question about what planning was done by the Government during the lockdown keeping in mind the pandemic rapidly ravaging globally?

2. This Government kept beating their drums, initially, about Goa being in a green zone and giving a false impression of “we should not be scared”. If there was nothing to worry, then how come Goa became the 1st state to have 1% of its population infected?

3. HM has recently announced that additional beds will be arranged for COVID patients, why is the Government now scrambling when there was enough time for preparedness? Now per day 1000 cases are detected, which means in 5 days 5000 patients. How many beds are available in the covid hospitals? How many beds are available across covid care centers? Will it meet the requirements?

Where government will install 200 ventilators, purchased recently. District hospital in Margao does not have basic oxygen line laid down and will not be starting for next 10 days at least.

4. Government has given an option of home quarantine following a certain SOP. Are these guidelines being followed? There are cases of home quarantine patients where the patients have to run from pillar to post, as the primary health care centers claim that a local doctor will be allotted to follow up with them. 5 to 6 days go by and nobody bothers. This is happening even with patients above 65 years age.

5. Availability of beds in private hospitals. Why aren’t all private hospitals not being made to compulsorily provide beds to those who opt for private care? Why is there no check/cap on fees being charged for covid patients by private hospitals? Will also write to CAG to conduct special audit. Demand fixing of rates of private hospitals.

6. With many cases of re-infection across the country and the world. The state declares 18000+ recoveries. Who is keeping a track of those leaving the hospitals and covid care centers?

7. Co-morbidities is the first excuse on the lips of officials for rising deaths in the state. Is this just a way of brushing things aside? Are the covid hospitals/care centers not equipped to deal with patients having underlying health issues.

8. Central ministry has urged all states to re test the symptomatic negative cases of Rapid antigen test. Is Goa government doing this?

9. The government has an obligation to keep the people informed about what is happening in the state. They serve at the pleasure of the people who elected them. Arrangements could’ve been made to compile a list of questions by members of the house which would have to be answered virtually by the respective Minister in charge. Questions relating to health and the economy could’ve been made a priority, keeping aside other issues. If the government can initiate works and have various inauguration ceremonies, why not to have a virtual question hour?

10. Since the government is not coming out with any concrete replies which is creating more Fear than Hope. Let the government make it clear that they are not answerable to the MLAs or the People at large as the cabinet decides to rule as most of the cabinet members no more belong to the Party that they were elected from.


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