Serula Communidade official threatened, files complaint with Porvorim police


Porvorim: A senior official of Serula Communidade has filed a police complaint against one Rajesh Verenkar for threatening to kill him and using filthy words during inspection of an alleged irregularity.

Joseph Cosme Pinto, Vice President of Serula Communidade, in the complaint, has said that the incident happened near an immovable property bearing survey number 380/1, plot number 13.

He said that he had gone to inspect the property after attorney of communidade Peter Martins incormed that Rajesh Verenkar was illegally constructing compound wall.

He said that he went to the site along with Peter Martins, Eastiaq Xecoli Xec and Purushottam Shirodkar.

The complainant has stated that around 9 a.m. only the labourers and supervisor of Rajesh Verenkar were present and after confronting with labours, the supervisor informed that they have been hired by Verenkar.

He said that Verenkar reached the spot within 10 minutes and started badmouthing with filthy words and derogatory language. He also gave threat to kill by hiring boys from Porvorim.

The complainant has given audio of the accused while giving the threats.



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