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Revolutionary Indians file complaint filed against “Free Goa” online petition

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Panaji: Goa-based NGO Revolutionary Indians have filed a formal complaint with Inspector General of Police against online petition being floated by certain elements with the aim to “Free Goa from Indian invasion.”

Nitin Patkar of Revolutionary Indians, in a complaint, has pointed out to the online petition being floated under the heading “Free Goa from Indian Invasion and its continued illegal occupation against UN resolution.”

“As a responsible leader of Revolutionary Indians we would like to bring to your notice of an online petition that has been created “FREE GOA from INDIAN INVASION and its continued illegal occupation against UN Resolution,” the complaint reads.

Patkar said that  Revolutionary Indians strongly believe that Goa is a part of India and no one has the right to have a petition speaking of a free Goa from Indian Invasion, this is truly an anti national stand and we stand strongly to oppose the stand since we believe in a united India and Goa is a part of India.

“Goa is a part of India and we are proud Indians, and the people who are trying to break the unity and instigate people for a free country must be dealt with utter seriousness,

therefore we request your kind authority to investigate into the matter and take necessary action against the petitioner who claims that Goa was not a part of India and states 24 detailed points convince people with the petition.”

He has pointed out that this petition has been signed by 3864 people, and this is creating the fear among us as Indians of the thought of these individuals who have addressed this letter to the United Nations Secretary and UN representations of various nations.

“ They have addressed this also to the PM of Canada, Head of Commonwealth and Head of the delegation of the European Union, petition stating India has illegally invaded Goa with 24 points.”

“Revolutionary Indians stand strongly for a united India and will always fight against such petitions which are trying to FREE Goa which is proudly a part of India.”

Patkar has said that the organization would like to register an FIR against the petitioner Atanasio Lobo, and all the people who have signed of the petition for a FREE GOA,  the link of the petition has been attached along with the copy of the petition.



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