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Reliance Jio launches JioPOS Lite app, users can earn commission for every Jio recharge


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  • Reliance Jio has rolled out JioPOS Lite app through which anyone can become a Jio partner.
  • This app will enable the Jio partner to recharge currency for other prepaid Jio users.
  • The Jio partner will also get a commission of 4.16 percent for every recharge made via JioPOS Lite app.

Reliance Jio has rolled out an app called JioPOS Lite app which will now enable anyone to become a Jio partner and earn commission by recharging for others. The app is like a virtual recharge store where users can put in currency in any Jio user’s account and get commission up to 4.16 percent.

JioPOS Lite is only available for Android users, as of now. It can be downloaded from Play Store. Users must note that the person downloading it must have a Jio number. Users can keep track of transactions for 20 days via the app’s Passbook feature. The My Jio app or Jio website already enables users to recharge prepaid accounts of others. However, they don’t offer any commission.

No word about the app being made available for iPhone users has been given out yet.

No physical verification or hard copy of documents is required in the process. Here’s how Android users can register for JioPOS Lite on their phones.

–After downloading the app, the app will ask for your permission to grant access to contacts, location and media.

–The next step involves recharging the wallet like users are asked to in other apps too.

The wallet has recharge options starting from Rs 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2000. For every 100 rupees spent by the partner via the app, a commission of Rs 4.166 is granted. That is the partner gets 4.16 rupees on top of the commission.

This move by the telco comes in the backdrop of nationwide lockdown to make it more convenient for users to get their recharge done.

Last week, Reliance Jio brought about the facility of getting recharge through ATMs for prepaid users. The ATM feature works for people who do not want to get their recharge online.

It is quite convenient as Jio users only have to click on the “Recharge” option once they enter their card in the ATM. Following this, they would have to enter their phone number, the amount to be recharged and the ATM pin.

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