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Penha De Franca and Salvador do Mundo to for strict lockdown till May 15. Here’s what you have to know

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Porvorim: Penha De Franca and Salvador-do-Mundo village panchayats in Porvorim Assembly constituency have declared total lockdown in their jurisdiction till May 15.
The decision is taken by both the panchayat after number of COVID-19 cases are rising in their areas. The Panchayats have said that this is the effort to break the chain of infection in the area.
1.    Shops dealing in essential commodities like groceries, vegetables, fruits, dairy milk, bread, hardware, Super Markets, Meat products like Fish, pet food shops allowed to operate from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.
2.    Religious marriage ceremonies only at religious places subject to permission from Deputy Collector.
3.    Ongoing House repair will be allowed with maximum 4 labours.
4.    Banks allowed to entertain people only till 11 a.m., after that Banking staff can continue.
5.    Postal services can entertainment people till 11 a.m. after that only Postal staff can continue.
1.    Transport Vehicles with essential supply of good and commodities.
2.    Essential services like Gas Agencies, Hospitals, diagnostic centres, Clinics, Vaccination centers, Pharmacies, Veterinary Services, Animal Care shelters and Health services, all with restricted timings.
3.    Restaurant kitchens who are enrolled with Swiggy, Zomato and other Home delivery services.
4.    Courier services/Amazone/Flipkart and other such services.
5.    Security Agencies and companies allowed to operate beyond restricted timings.
6.    Residents working in Government, Semi Government and Private Industries/Firms will be allowed to exit and enter only on providing valid employment papers or ID.
7.    Hotels which have existing guests and basic maintenance staff. NO fresh bookings can be accepted.
8.    Pre-monsoon works or urgent development works by government or panchayat.
1.   Hair cutting saloons, Spa, massage parlours, gym, tattoo centre, garments store, dry fruit vendors, beauty parlours etc.
2.   Celebration/party halls.
3.   Public buses
4.   Bars, Restaurants and fishing jetty
5.   Swimming pools, play ground and sports ground
6.   Shooting for films, series and advertisements
7.   Gardens, parks, playing ground, open space
8.   All private coaching classes or classes involving more than four people.
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