Online education not compulsory, reopening of schools to be announced after July 15: CM



Panaji: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday said that the online education is not compulsory for the students even as schools are yet to reopen due to COVID-19 situation in the coastal state.

The Chief Minister met various stakeholders of the education sector in the state to know their view.

He said that we don’t have cent per cent connectivity and all the students don’t have smart phones.

“WE have not said that online educaion is compulsory. We have trained 11,000 teachers for online training. There is no circular mentioning, online education compulsory,” he said.

Sawant said that we have given different options to the schools. We are also contemplating the possibility of airing the educational content through Doordarshan or private channels.

“Parents need not panick that they don’t have smart phone. Don’t accept any amount on the loan to buy smart phone,” he said.

Chief minister said that all the schools will have teach the entire syllabus to the students without insisting for online education.

Sawant said that the state government will take the decision on reopening of the schools after July 15, depending on COVID-19 situation in Goa.

He said that all the teachers will have to compulsory attend the schools from Wednesday onwards. “The teachers will have to prepare for the teaching and be in touch with the students and parents so that there is no loss of time,” he said.

He also warned the schools demanding extra money under the pretext of online education. Sawant said that those schools asking for donations from the parents for online teaching will have to face strict action, if there is any complaint is lodged against them.


  1. Honourable CM Are you answerable what teachers should do who r not being paid considering the fact that they too hv a family to run.In the hour of pandemic govt needed overnight transition, which teaching community accepted as a challenge.Have you ever tried to come across challenges faced by the teachers.Just imagine your teachers from the school you completed studies struggling to run house.when all teachers who conducted online classes also did not hv sources n internet connection which they did on their cost ,as job was on stake especially pvt sector teachers I m telling.So they r fools to keep doing their duties without bothering about their families.Do not be vocal who teach you to be vocal👏

  2. But students are demanding laptop…And the cm is saying not to buy smartphone 😅😅😅😅😅

  3. Respected CM Kindly ensure the safety of the teachers and students before reopening the schools as portions wi go on but if we contact Covid who is responsible then?

  4. The state of Goa is only witnessing cases rising.Think when schools reopen and the lives of children are at risk
    I hope parents will shout with joy on the streets if their children contact the virus .


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