NXP, Jio Platforms team up to drive expanded 5G use cases in India


New Delhi : NXP Semiconductors and Jio Platforms have collaborated to fuel expanded 5G use cases in India, according to a statement.

The partnership is for implementation of a 5G NR (New Radio) O-RAN small cell solution that involves NXP’s ‘Layerscape’ family of multicore processors.

Open RAN or open radio access network architecture is industry terminology for interoperability and standardisation of radio access network elements including products and software from various vendors.

“The combined solution will power new RAN networks that will deliver high performance, enabling a wide range of 5G use cases for broadband access as well as Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) applications, including tele-medicine, tele-education, augmented/virtual reality, drone-based agricultural monitoring and more,” NXP said in a statement.

Jio Platforms has leveraged the high performance and flexibility of NXP’s Layerscape processors in its new 5G NR solutions.

“The combination enables a powerful offering that has successfully tested at 100 MHz channel bandwidth in 3.5 GHz spectrum with peak data rates of 1 Gbps plus,” it said.

This would drive improved performance for a wide range of segments, enabling innovative applications in smart cities, smart homes, health and education, and significantly enhanced user experience in data download rates for all mobile users.

“As a result, JPL’s 5G NR radio solutions are well suited for next generation RAN networks, providing increased indoor and outdoor performance and enabling a wide range of 5G use cases,” the statement added.

Simply put, 5G technology and services enables subscribers to experience the benefits of higher data rates, low latency communications, and enhanced digital experiences across a range of connected devices, from 5G-enabled smartphones, enterprise laptops to IoT solutions.


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