No difference between Ancient and New India: Guv


Panaji: Goa Governor P S Sreedharan Pillai on Thursday said that there is no difference between Ancient India and the New India and they are not against any development int he world, innovations or scientific achievements.

Addressing the Republic Day Parade in Panaji, the Governor said that the concept of ‘Dharma’ is in the first copy of the Indian Constitution itself.

Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant, MP Sadanand Tanavade were amongst the dignitaries present for the Republic Day Parade on Thursday morning.

“There is dharmic concept in all the fields. The Moto declared by our country is Satyamev Jayate,” he said.

The Governor said “if you look at the first copy of constitution of India, our third chapter is about the fundamental rights. The illustration was not given by the present rulers but our constitution assembly led by Babasaheb Amebdekar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Shyama prasad and others, the illustration is Shree Ram with Sita Devi.

“The fourth chapter “directive principles” illustration given is Shree Krishna giving Arjuna Bhagwada messages,” he said.

The Governor said that an ancient country is awakening now. “Ancient India and New India is not against any development in the world, innovations, scientific achievements, our hearts and minds are open to receive everything in the world, this is ancient tradition of our country,” he added.

The Governor said that he is confident that the country will be able to achieve the goal and will become “Vishwaguru for the world peace.”

“Our constitution is most acceptable democratic constitution in the world. I am proudly saying so because after 1977, when accepted as our constitution is the most acceptable constitution, certain thinkers in the world depicted our democracy as the mother of democracy,” he said.

Referring to the democracy, the Governor said “between 1975-77 we suffered a lot of challenges. Till emergency was withdrawn, during 21 months, all opposition leaders were put in jail.”

“They were not in a position to challenge their arrest in the court of law. Our fundamental rights were suspended and autocratic attitude was unleashed that time,” he said.

Pointing out that several constitutions of the world could not sustain, the Governor said that only seven per cent of the total constitutions covered more than 50 years.

“We can proudly say our constitution standing as a lighthouse for the entire people of the world,” he added.

Lauding the functioning of Modi led government, Pillai said that ten years back, there were ministers who were in the dock and facing corruption charges.

“During the last ten years not a single crime is registered against any of the union ministers or their staff. This is a change of our country. As far as people’s politics is concerned this change is there,” he said.

Speaking further, the Governor said that the basis of Dharma is “Yado Dharma Tato Jaya (where there is dharma, there is victory).”

“What is equivalent word in English regarding dharma? Some are saying righteousness, some are saying religion, there is no proper word in English regarding dharma. That is why I would like to say we are not against anybody. Our original concept let noble thoughts come from anywhere we are prepared to receive it,” he added.


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