Goa tourism department unveils Beach Vigil App for general public


Panaji:   Goa tourism department on Thursday launched Beach Vigil App which will help the common citizens to complaint about illegalities on the shoreline, which would be addressed by various agencies.

State Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte told reporters that the App, which was launched in July last year, has been now available for the public interface, wherein the people can complaint about the illegalities on the beaches.

Khaunte was accompanied by Director of Tourism Suneel Anchipaka.

He said that various illegalities including unattended garbage, illegal vending, illegal massages, illegal deck beds, illegal hawking, illegal touting can be informed through the App.

Khaunte said that if complaint is not addressed within the stipulated time, the App has the functioning wherein it would be forwarded to the higher authority, by default.

State run Goa Electronic Limited has developed this App.

Khaunte said that since its soft launch, last year, the App has been downloaded by 1,300 people reporting 1240 violations of which 1091 issues are already addressed.

He said that the App was available only for the officials of various government agencies till date, but will now be open for general public.

The minister said that the App has been introduced so that the illegalities on the beaches are curbed and tourist visiting the state can enjoy good experience.

Khaunte said that the recent amendment to the law has also empowered police to act against the illegalities under section 188 of IPC. The police can even arrest a person or collect fine on behalf of the tourism department, he said.


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