Manoj challenges MGP for an open debate after Deepak’s remarks


Panaji: Revolutionary Goans (RG) founder, Manoj Parab on Wednesday criticized and invited Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) Chiefs Sudin and Deepak Dhavalikar for a debate after the latter mocked RG and termed them ‘roadside’.

It must be reminded, some days back, Marcaim MLA, Sudin himself had offered an alliance with RG for the upcoming 2022 Assembly elections.
The very next day Manoj put such talks to rest and came down heavily on MGP which didn’t go well with the Dhavalikar brothers.
“Goa’s elder politicians have lost their mind and they are none other than the two Dhavalikar brothers. When they eat, sleep, they think of only RG. Few days back Sudin praises us for doing good work and proposes a merger ahead of the next assembly elections. We have clearly stated that RG is not for sale and we will not merge with MGP or any other political party,” said Manoj.
After setback to their ambitions, Sudin made a statement that they “overlook them (RG)”.
“In that case, I want to ask Deepak why is his brother making such a statement and inviting us for a merger. I want to ask Deepak if he has lost his mind after hitting out at them. Or does he forget what they say, just like the false promises being made to the people all these years,” said Manoj.
When asked about RG’s opinion during a press conference, Deepak was quoted saying that, “we don’t look at people sitting on the roadside or in bars and their views are not to be considered.”
Manoj came down heavily on this statement and asked, “People on roads don’t have respect? Dhavalikar brothers must be not roaming on the road but in their fancy cars bought with the crores of money they must have looted from the people over the years.”
“It shows they don’t want votes from ordinary people and are insulting such people. So many people seat in the bars, roam on roads,” said Manoj.
Manoj believes the veteran politicians are fearing of losing their hold in their constituencies as people don’t trust them anymore. They have seen RG’s progress in Ponda, Shiroda, Priol, Madkai constituencies and fear the worst.
“They don’t have any other issues to take up but RG because they know their hold in many constituencies is in danger. RG’s win is guaranteed against them,” said Manoj with confidence.
During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was RG that went out of their way to help people all around the state and even in the constituencies where MGP had a strong hold.
“People have noted all the wrong doings of MGP and are living in fear. During the pandemic, these two brothers and their workers went into hiding. It was RG that time who sanitized public places and offered pick up drop services to the people,” said Manoj.
Manoj also questioned MGP’s contribution towards the Melaulim protests, alleged corruption by the Dhavalikar’s in converting and selling properties.
“Once again, I would like to request Sudin as well as Deepak to retire from politics. We will give him an armchair made by Goans so he can sit back and enjoy the money he has earned. He is now a senior citizen and like a grandfather figure to us. We will not allow our elders to work at this age. The political career of the Dhavalikar brothers is over. I challenge them for a debate with our candidate. Every RG member has the capacity to speak up and stand up for the people of Goa,” signed off Manoj.


  1. It is very sad to see some Goans are making RG a Hero just because RG says Ghati to Non-Goans. This is a Clear Cut Politics of Hates. Do they have any Humanitarian Achievements to show Goans? Politics of Hates has no place in a Peaceful Goa. Goans don’t want violence, please, RG.


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