Manipal Hospitals Goa Centre of Paediatric Development held a special awareness program


DonaPaula:  Shri. Subhash Phal Dessai – Hon. Minister for Social Welfare, River Navigation, Archives and Archaeology was the Chief Guest at this program while Shri.Guruprasad Pawaskar-State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Government of Goa, was the Guest of Honour. Mr.Krunal Thakur an Activist for the ‘differently abled youth’  was responsible for bringing the participants for the said program who were parents of specially abled children.

Manipal Hospitals Goa was represented by Shri.Surendra Prasad – Hospital Director, Dr Shekhar Salkar–Chief of Oncology dpt at Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dr. Murthy Sr Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr. Hari Prasad – Head of Sales and Marketing Dpt and others.

Dr. Jessica Pinto a Paediatric Development Consultant at the Centre for Paediatric Development at Manipal Hospitals Goa had an interactive session on the challenges faced by the parents of these children and how they can overcome the challenges, especially the challenge of providing the right care for autistic children.

Mr.Krunal Thakur spoke about Disability, types of Disability, Rights of disabled persons, Job Opportunities for people with disabilities and the legal aspects of the rights of Disabled persons.
Chief Guest for the function Shri. Subhash Phal Dessai Hon. Minister of Social Welfare, River Navigation, Archives and Archaeology, and Shri.Guruprasad Pawaskar-State Commissioner for Person with Disabilities, appreciated Manipal Hospitals Goa for this unique centre for paediatric development of children with special needs and challenged the parents to support their children by empowering them after finding out their unique gift that each child with special needs is always gifted with. They also appreciated Mr. Kunal for inspite of being physically challenged reaching out to the parents of children with special abilities and challenging them to be a solid support to their children

Surendra Prasad – Hospital Director Manipal Hospitals Goa, Dr. Shekhar Salkar & Dr. Murthy thanked the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour for attending this awareness program and identifying themselves with the struggling parents.

The program was well attended and well appreciated by the parents of the children.


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