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Mangor Hill based family, doctor becomes first instance of COVID local transmission in Goa

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Panaji: In the first ever instance of local transmission of COVID-19, a family of five people including a pregnant woman and a doctor has been tested positive for the infection at Vasco town, 49 kms away from here.

State Health Minister Vishwajit Rane told reporters that the family from a fishermen community and a medical practitioner has been tested positive.

Rane said “this looks like a case of local transmission within the area but the authorities are examining all the aspects.”

The minister said that doctor who was treating the family has tested positive. “As per primary information, it has also been revealed that one of the family member of fishermen had come in a contact with a person from Andhra Pradesh where he had gone to fetch a fish,” he said.

Rane said that the administration is examining the possibility of declaring Mangor Hill area within Vasco city as a containment zone as all the infections have come from that locality.

“We are working on the protocol for declaring the area as containment zone. This is new for the state,” he said.

The minister said that it is a local transmission of the virus and not the community one. He also said that all the protocols announced for unlocking 1.0 will continue to remain in force.

“We have to live with Coronavirus. While dealing with the virus, we have also to ensure that the economic activities resume,” he said.


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