Maloli locals demand power minister to solve their power voltage supply problem Devendra Gaonkar


Valpoi : Maloli village from Valpoi constituency has been undergoing power voltage problems for the last five years. Despote informing the Valpoi Electricity Department and also submitting a memorandum to the Valpoi Electricity Department to solve the power voltage problem of Maloli village, nothing substantial has been done so far.

The Valpoi Electricity Department had started the work once by putting a new transformer in Maloli village. They had also installed two new electrical poles for fixing the new transformer to solve the power voltage problem. But after putting in the electrical poles they had stopped the work without citing any reason.

“Whenever we are switching on two or more electrical appliances in our houses we are facing a power voltage problem. Now, we demand the Power Minister, Nilesh Cabral to solve our power voltage shortage issue,” a villager said.

Another villager added, “For the last three years, the Valpoi Electricity Department has kept the installation of new transformer work incomplete in Maloli village. The Maloli village residents have informed the several times to the Electricity Department officials that to complete the new transformer work as they are facing the power voltage problem in their houses. Also villagers have requested the local panch member to look into the power voltage issue. But no one has taken any action till date.”



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