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IMA Goa pitches for fast paced vaccination to avoid second wave of COVID-19

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Panaji:   Indian Medical Association’s Goa Branch has pitched for COVID-19 vaccination at a faster pace in the coastal state to save the population from encountering second wave of the infection.

IMA Goa, in its letter to the State Authorities, written on Tuesday, has said that the important aspect of vaccination is the speed and coverage with which we can achieve, at least 60 per cent of the population to be vaccinated.

“This will definitely reduce the incidence of new cases and confirm the successful vaccination drive in Goa and save the state from witnessing the second wave,” IMA Goa President Vinayak Buvaji has said in the letter.

In their suggestion, they have requested the government to authorize local Medical association to approve the beneficiary and direct them for administration of vaccine at nearest Covid vaccine booth with authenticated ID proof. The data of the beneficiary can be submitted to competent office on the spot or  post vaccination.The current Covid-19 Vaccine booths set up in private sector have appointed dedicated manpower for delivery of the Vaccine,  however are underutilized due to lack of powers to approve the beneficiaries. This approach will lead to using the set up to maximum potential and  minimize the wastage of vaccine.

The second suggestion highlights that the hospitals in private sector approved under DDSSY scheme where a data entry operator and computer and Internet machinery exists and are sufficiently trained can be taken on board. This would definitely result in decreased work load on Govt. machinery which would result in better and expatiated delivery of vaccine at present to the health care workers and also general public in the future.

The current model for detection of Covid-19 by approving Private Diagnostic laboratories can be duplicated by approving DDSSY registered Private Hospitals. This approach will ensure optimum utilization of manpower and infrastructure in Private Hospitals. This optional delivery mechanism will decrease the load on government sector and ensure fast roll out of vaccine.  In case there is  fee structure in near future, the  Private Sector prices can be capped by the competent authority with a transparent approach.

The third suggestion is about allowance of “on the spot entry” with production of authenticated ID proof/Certificate from the concerned Health Stake Holder,  by the HCW beneficiary. Offline entry can be uploaded later on the portal for data collection on everyday basis.

Fourth is the use of all Private  DDSSY empaneled hospitals for vaccination sessions than schools and  booths as they have data operator and  computer system in place by default, along with all PHCs, CHCs, District hospitals, Sub District Hospitals and  GMC and can be used simultaneously. This could increase the vaccination booth number to @70 -80. So the population coverage for whole Goa could be approximate 6 – 8  months. The second shot of vaccine will be done with more ease and covering all 100 percent as the mechanism is streamlined.

 Fifth, like National Immunization program more vaccination booths can be structured at prominent places like main  Police Stations, Headquarters, major Government offices, Prominent reputed Private offices where we can get people at one place in one go. Govt. and/or Private sector vaccination team could visit these places for maximum coverage. While General public  can visit Govt. designated vaccination centers. The center should  be kept open on all working days to prevent unnecessary rush and overcrowding. All PHC, CHC have ILR ( ice lined refrigerator so the Private Health sector collects it from them in the vicinity rather than collecting it from  main office at  DHS at Campal.

Sixth, in case if in near future, if nominal charges are included for vaccination same charges can be capped for private HCW like RAT and RTPCR testing.


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