I was on Holy Pilgrimage: Reginaldo on his chartered trip


Panaji: Hours after his picture boarding a chartered flight went viral, Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco sai that he had gone on a holy pilgrimage.

Lourenco posted his picture in front of Holy Shrine of Valankini on his facebook to support his claim.

“Political tricks will not work, I had accompanied my friends long back on a holy pilgrimage in September 2021. God always upholds the truth and truth will prevail,” he posted.


  1. All rascals,using public money for their own benefits,what holy pilgrimage,,,to wash your son’s for the so many crimes u have committed,goa is being sold by cahouts like u licking up to the bjp,,,give your life to do something worthwhile for goa and goans


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