Goan youths are trafficked abroad in the guise of high-salaried jobs: CM


Panaji:  Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant on Friday said that the youth from Goa  are taken to other countries for the purpose of human trafficking in the guise of providing them high-salary jobs.

Speaking during the State Level Conference on Human Trafficking, the chief minister said that the human trafficking is “not only about girls being trafficked for the purpose of prostitution or other purposes but we should also look at the instances of boys who are lured with the high-salaried jobs abroad.”

Sawant said that the instances of boys being lured with the high-salaried jobs abroad and cheated by some recruitment agents, is also an instance of Human Trafficking.

He appealed the State police to keep a close watch on the media advertisements by some agents offering jobs abroad.

The chief minister said that a group of boys had approached his office, a week back, with the complaint that one of the agent had taken Rs 2.5 lakh respectively from them, promising them to offer jobs abroad.

“The agent had also taken couple of boys abroad. When this group contacted those boys, they informed that they are in trouble abroad and one of them is also arrested by local police,” the chief minister said.

Sawant said that these boys approached his office after which police arrested the agent and was made to repay the amount taken from them.

The chief minister  said that many of the Goan youth are lured in the foreign countries with an offer of high-salaries job but finally realise that they are cheated.

Sawant appealed Goan youth to work within the state grabbing the available opportunities rather than falling prey for the lucrative job offers abroad.

“There are ample job opportunities in Goa for the locals. There are opportunities in all the sectors, one has to chose the job of his choice,” the chief minister said.

He said that at least two lakh jobs would be available in next five years in hospitality sector. “The Goan youth should be ready to grab these opportunities and make their career,” Sawant said.

He said that despite opportunities available within the state, some people are luring the youth with the promises of high-salaried jobs abroad. “I have several examples where youth are promised salary like Rs one lakh per month abroad and when he lands there, he realizes that he is cheated,” Sawant added.

The chief minister said that the youth should start working from Goa and then slowly walk up the ladder of career.


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