Goa is being sold off to coal mafia by BJP, charges AAP


Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party while stating that the Major Port bill has dealt a death blow to a small state like Goa as chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant and the entire BJP clan sold Goa to party leaders in Delhi.
AAP Goa Convener Rahul Mhambre said Mormugao Port Trust will now be a “state within state” as it will now have jurisdiction over one third of Goan land extending from Betul in the South to Cabo Raj Bhavan in the North.
He pointed out that even repairs of a house in this stretch will now require permission or license from MPT.
Rahul accused all three Members of Parliament from Goa of betraying Goa’s interest as not one of them objected to the bill.
“The Lok sabha MPs were silent when the bill was passed there in August last year and the Rajya sabha MP was silent yesterday,” he said.
He cautioned that MPT will now have unfettered powers overriding those of the local bodies like panchayat and municipality
*The worst part is that the fishing community of Goa will be annihilated as even their dwelling houses will now come under MPT jurisdiction,” he said.
He said the MPT could even stop the fishing activity and specially deep sea fishing quoting national interest.
Rahul said the fishing jetties will then be used for coal transportation and said Dr Pramod Sawant has very conveniently made Goa a coal hub.
He pointed out that the chief minister has till today not listed the no of jobs that will be created for Goans or what benefits Goa will get by becoming a coal hub.


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