Goa govt announces paid holiday on Karnataka election day, opposition parties, industry body reacts


Panaji: Goa government on Monday declared May 10 as paid holiday in the state in the wake of elections in the neighbouring Karnataka.


The decision of Dr Pramod Sawant-led State government has not gone down well with the opposition parties and the industry bodies. Goa State Industries Association said that they may have to take legal recourse against such a holiday.


Goa government on Monday issued a notification declaring May 10 as paid holiday owing to the elections for Legislative Assembly in Karnataka. The holiday was extended to the government servants and also those working in the private establishments including industrial workers.


Reacting to the order, Goa State Industries Association President Damodar Kochkar questioned Goa government’s decision to declare May 10 as paid holiday for Karnataka election.


“Industries in Goa feels this is absolutely absurd, stupid decision, taking industries to ransom for electoral gains,” Kochkar said.


he said that if it continues like this for every election, it will be very difficult to do business in Goa. “We are also looking out for legal remedies to this type of unilateral decisions by government,” he added.


AAP Goa President Amit Palekar, in a video message released here, said that giving paid holiday in Goa on the occasion of election in Karnataka was a foolish decision.


“After selling our mother Mhadei to Karnataka, BJP-led Goa government is stooping down to low level to please the neighbours,” he said.


Goa Forward Party too has condemned the state government’s decision. Party’s official handle tweeted “@DrPramodPSawant’s enthusiasm and swift decision making wasn’t evident when #Goans asked for a holiday for #RamaNavami. #Goemkars in #Goa obviously do not enjoy the same regard or respect as his friends in @BJP4Karnataka. For @goacm and @BJP4Goa it’s Jai Shri @BSBommai.”


Reacting to the controversy, a senior official from Chief Minister’s office said that it is a practice to give holiday when there are election in neighbouring states. He pointed out to the circular which had announced holiday in Karnataka on the day when Goa went for polling, last year.





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