Goa Forest dept beautifies major routes for G20 summit


Panaji: Ahead of G20 summit scheduled to begin from April 17, Goa Forest department is beautifying major routes with colourful, ornamental plants as well as foxtail and Veitchia merrillii palms, a senior government official said.
A government spokesman said that the Forest Department of Goa is crafting a spectacular makeover of the city’s major routes with a palette of vivid colours and an array of ornamental foliage and palms.
“The aim is to turn the dividers and roads into a lush green paradise, ready to welcome the G20 meetings in grand style,” he said.
The spokesman said that this initiative is aimed at creating a greener and more visually appealing environment ahead of the G20 meetings scheduled to take place in Goa from April 17.
“The plan is to plant ornamental and flowering plants along the medians and roadsides of various stretches. The first phase of the project will include routes from Mercês to KTC bus stand in Panjim, GMC in Bambolim to NIO in Dona Paula, Verna to Dabolim Airport, and Mercês Circle to Old Goa,” he added.
The spokesman said that the Forest Department has carefully chosen ornamental plant species that are not grazed or browsed by stray cattle for the medians of roads to ensure their survival.
“They have selected a variety of colourful plants and planted 100 foxtail palms at Mercês Circle, creating a beautiful visual impact,” he said.

In addition, the Forest Department has completed planting along a 1.7-kilometer stretch from Chicalim circle to the Dabolim Airport.
“The planting at the traffic triangle at the Verna signal as well as the road from Verna junction to Dabolim airport has been completed,” he added.
The suggested plants for road medians include Nerium, Tecoma (Orange and Rosea), Jatropha, Ficus, Veitchia merrillii palms, and Bougainvillea. While the islands and triangles feature lawn, topiary plant models, Golden pandanus, Kodia, Rasoliya, Tecoma, and Loropetalum burgundy.
Sanjit Rodrigues, Nodal Officer for G20 in Goa said that adding landscaping and greenery can enhance the value of any place, and we have taken great care in selecting plants that are well-suited to the climate in Goa.
“We have also made significant improvements to the medians and traffic islands to accommodate the G20,” he added.


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