GAKUVED writes to Governor requests to not provide his assent to Bhumiputra bill

Panaji : The Gawada Kunbi Velip and Dhamgar Federation (GAKUVED) has opposed the Goa Bhumiputra Adhikarini Bill 2021 which was passed in the fifteenth session of the 7th Legislative Assembly.
Ramkrishna Jalmi, Prasad Gaonkar, Rama kankonkar among other leaders were present to  submit the memorandum today on 2nd August 2021 to the Governor of Goa, His Excellency P.S. Sreedharan Pillai.
“Just like other bills passed in this assembly session, there was no discussion held on this bill as well on the floor of the house. This bill has defined the meaning of ‘Bhumiputra’ which is a sensitive issue as far as indigenous people of Goa are concerned” wrote GAKUVED.
Jalmi has alleged that the necessary discussion and debate was most required on the floor of the house as it has newly describe ‘Who is Bhumiputra’ or ‘Who is Son of the Soil’. Without consulting the public of Goa this bill has been passe by the assembly alleged GAKUVED
GAKUVED has further alleged that the assembly elections of 2022 are approaching. this bill is nothing but election propaganda to gain the votes of migrant voters who have migrated to Goa post liberation.
“Said bill supersedes the existing laws such as ‘The Goa Daman and Diu Agriculture Tenancy Act 1964’ , ‘The Goa Daman and Diu Mundkars (Protection and Eviction) Act, 1975 and The Goa Daman and Diu, Land revenue code 1969, Which are protected under Schedule IX of the Indian Constitution in accordance with Article 31-B. The bill also vitiates all State laws hence it is unconstitutional, illegal , null and Void,” stated GAKUVED.
“There is a long pending demand of the Goa’s Scheduled Tribal Community to identify and notify the Schedule Areas in Goa State, in Order to safeguard the tribal lands from encroachment. By bringing the fresh legislation to regularize th illegal structures of the encroaches, the government has further applied salt on the existing wounds of the community,” stated GAKUVED.
The federation has further threatened that if the bill is passed then they will stage protests across Goa.


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