Bhumiputra Bill a total mockery of law : Adv Carlos Ferreira

Panaji : Adv Carlos Ferreira has criticized the recent controversial Bhumiputra Adhikarni Bill which is waiting for a nod from the Governor of Goa.
In a facebook post he wrote : “This Bhumiputra Bill is a total mockery of law and a very dishonest attempt on the part of the BJP Government to mislead and fool the innocent citizens who will remain in false hopes, losing money in the process with no relief at the end.
Legally, this legislation defeats the very essence of the Rule of Law.
The very essence of bhumiputra stands defeated by its definition and is an assault on every honest citizen living in Goa and Goans at large. As per this definition , this bhumiputra needs to reside anywhere in Goa for the last 30 years but should have constructed the illegal house by encroachment before 1st April 2019 which means even an encroacher who is not on the land for 30 years or more, will qualify!!
This Legislation gives license to grab properties – unheard of anywhere in the world – which means the dishonest citizens are rewarded whilst the honest citizens stand punished.
This Legislation will not stand scrutiny in the eyes of law.
Knowing this, the Bill has been introduced by the Government just on the eve of elections to garner votes and then blame Opposition for any stay or quashing of the law.”


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