Fatorda Firing case: He fired three shots, passengers were there at the restaurant



Fatorda: The complainant in Fatorda firing case has said that the accused Russel D’Souza fired two shots in the air and one towards him, which missed.
Talking to GNH, Laloo alias Mashimullha Khan, who is the complainant in the case, said that Russel had asked him to vacate the restaurant, which he had taken on the rent.

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The complainant said that Russel was upset after he asked for the refund of the deposit given by him while taking over the restaurant. The accused arrived at the spot last night and then fired two rounds in the air and later aimed at him, which he missed.

The complainant said that there were customers at the restaurant when incident happened. He said that he immediately called police after which the accused complained of Blood Pressure issues and got admitted in the hospital.

Fatorda police have now arrested the accused for attempt to murder and also under Arm’s Act.


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