EFICON 2020: 30th September, 01st October 2023


Bambolim: A national conference is being organized by Goa Medical College, Bambolim-Goa in which members of Epidemiology Foundation of India will be participating. The sponsoring organizations include WHO, UNICEF, MoHFW, GAIN, PATH and many other development partners.
There will be more than 1500 delegates who will be presenting 300 Posters and 250 Oral Papers from evidence based interventions to healthcare system in the country.
The themes that will be discussed include Inappropriate foods for young children, Prevention of Malnutrition, Control of anemia amongst women and children, etc. The National experts will discuss current strategies for control of Tuberculosis and its elimination by 2025. The Hon. Prime Minister Initiative for the promotion of health and treatment of disease will be presented and discussed by senior Scientists of MoHFW. The strategies for control of use of Tobacco and its health consequenses will be discussed. The eminent scientists from all over the country will be participating which includes Dr Ashraf from Srinagar, Dr. Farooq from Dibrugarh, Dr Vikas Bhatia from Hyderabad, Dr VM Katoch from Jaipur, Dr AM Kadri from Gujarat, etc.


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