EdTech-focused Accelerator launched to support foundational learning for children from low-income communities in India


population, supporting foundational learning in India is an investment in the world’s future. Through partnering with the private sector and civil society to develop innovative learning models, the EdTech Accelerator will enable improved educational outcomes and a more equitable and accessible learning environment.”

Speaking on the overall approach of the Back-to-School Outcomes fund, Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive, the British Asian Trust, adds, “Achieving universal foundational literacy and numeracy skills is critical for the wellbeing of millions of India’s children and in the longer-term, for India’s economic growth. To mitigate the learning gap which increased with COVID-19, we need rapid innovation and collaborative action from civil society, private sector partners and philanthropic organisations working alongside the Government of India. Innovative social financing is the mechanism enabling that, nudging boundaries and fostering innovation in new ways by changing the whole EdTech marketplace to in turn learning outcomes for those children most in need.”

For more information about the application process and eligibility criteria for the EdTech Accelerator, please visit www.edtechaccelerator.orgThe Accelerator will be accepting applications until 8th January 2023.


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