Deport Believers Pastor Domnik from Goa and enact anti-conversion law in Goa


Panaji: The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Hindu organisations has urged Additional Collector of North Goa Mr. Kedar Naik to deport Believers Pastor Domnik from Goa and enact anti-conversion law in Goa. HJS and Hindu organisations has made this demand by submitting a memorandum to the Additional Collector. Delegation comprised of Mr. Santosh Rajput of ‘Karni Sena’, Mr. Rohan Shirgaonkar of ‘Shivpratisthan Hindusthan-Bicholi’, Mr. Anand Mandrekar of Sri Ramwadeshwar Devasthan of Parvori, Mr. Vinod Varkhankar, Shivpreimi from Mapusa, Mr. Ashish Kocharekar, Mr. Shushant Bhosale, Sujay Thamnkar, Mr. Tanay Kandolkar, Mr. Jayesh Thali of Gomantak Mandir Mahasangh, Mr. Govind Chodankar, North Goa Coordinator of HJS, Mrs. Rajshree Gadekar, Mrs. Neha Govekar and Mrs. Babita Sawant of Ranaraginiand others were present.

The Memorandum says that ‘Gomantaka, which is regarded as the land of Parashurama, lives in religious harmony with people of all religions’. However, religious harmony in Goa has deteriorated due to the ‘Believers’ who have been converting Hindus continuously for the last few years. The ‘Believers’ main location is the ‘Five Pillars Church’ at Sadye, Shivoli in Goa. This place is a place of conversion of Hindus. Pastor Domnik of ‘Believers’ has been arrested by the police once again in the early hours of January 1, 2024. This action has been taken in the case of conversion and black Magik. This is the third case registered against Pastor Domnik. A case has also been registered against Pastor Domnik’s wife. Since there is no anti-conversion law exists in Goa, Pastor Domnik of ‘Believers’ has to be repeatedly arrested after complaining about conversion. In this regards anti-conversion law should be enacted in Goa like other states of the country. Pastor Dominique of the ‘Believers’ should be thoroughly investigated for forced conversions and the wealth generated from them.


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