Congress creates awareness against hike in petrol prices


Panaji: Goa Congress leaders visited all the petrol pumps creating awareness amongst the people against the policies of Modi-led government which has resulted in the hike.

All India Congress Committee Secretary A Chellakumar told reporters that the State, which is getting ready for upcoming Ganesh chaturthi festival, has not observed the bandh.

“We don’t want people to suffer because of the bandh as they are busy doing last minute shopping for Ganesh Chaturthi. That is is why we decided to visit petrol pumps and create awareness amongst the common man,” he said.

The Congress leaders in both the districts of the State were seen meeting people and explaining how the BJP-led State and Union government can contribute towards decreasing the fuel prices.

“In the election manifesto they (BJP) had promised that they will control the prices of petrol and diesel by reducing taxes on it. But they have failed to do so,” Chellakumar told reporters at a petrol station in Panaji, where had participated in the awareness campaign.

He said that it is the State and central government, both benefits from the rise in the fuel prices in terms of the taxes.

“Today itself Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar can reduce the Value Added Tax on the fuel  so that the petrol will be cheaper by Rs 10 and also from the central government side, they can reduce the taxes so that the common man can benefit,” he said.

Chellakumar said that the  prices of petrol and diesel have  gone to the highest level now.

“It is a phenomenon throughout the country.  We cannot wait for months together to create awareness. It is urgent need of the hour. It is for that purpose congress has announced Bharat bandh,” he said.

“Many other opposition political parties have joined. Even if they are not for bandh, they are supporting it in a peaceful way,” he added.

The Congress leader said that there is a precedent that UPA had sold petrol for cheaper price even when crude oil prices had soared internationally.

“When we are back in power we will reduce the price of the petrol,” he claimed.

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