Centre & State must not cancel Panjim Feast Fair over PM’s visit to Goa: Savio Rodrigues


Acknowledging that security of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is of prime importance, BJP Spokesperson Savio Rodrigues appeals to both Centre and State not to cancel the Panjim Feast Fair which is an integral part of the Christian celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary.

Rodrigues, advised that security arrangements could be worked out to keep the Panjim Feast Fair on hold for the duration of the PM’s visit to Goa for a few hours, instead, of cancelling the entire week of the Panjim Feast Fair. Or alternatively with consent of the people of Panjim postpone the Panjim Feast Fair.

In a social media tweet Rodrigues, opined, “Security is a concern and I am certain security officials have kept that in mind during @narendramodi visit to Goa but in the interest of the people of Panjim, Centre and State must work to not cancel the Panjim Feast Fair except for Dec 11th.”

Leaders of the Opposition have targeted the government on the decision. Rodrigues opines, “I believe we must be concerned about the security of our Prime Minister. And I am confident that the Centre and State will find a solution to the security conundrum without dampening the festive spirit of the people of Panjim.”


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