AAP Goa Inaugurates new Office in Benaulim! Expands Aggressively in Alemao’s former stronghold


The Aam Aadmi Party on Monday opened a new office in Benaulim in Salcette, strengthening it’s hold on what was once thought a bastion of NCP strongman Churchill Alemao. The Party boasts of it’s first ZP member from Benaulim Hanzel Fernandes & has been increasingly aggressive under the leadership of Capt Venzy Viegas. The office was opened to help the residents of Benaulim connect better with the party.

AAP Goa’s Benaulim team has been aggressively working under the leadership of Capt Venzy Viegas to help residents out with many issues. Recently AAP ZP member Hanzel Fernandes donated fogging machines via his  ZP office to each panchayat to help fight vector borne diseases like malaria and dengue. This was after Capt Viegas ran an aggressive fogging campaign all over Benaulim, fogging major public areas.
AAP’s Benaulim team has stood firmly by the residents by helping them during the CZMP movement, going door to door to provide residents with ration & even working with the large number of seafarers of Benaulim.
The opening of the office comes in the background of extreme disarray in the Congress camp as their volunteers in Velim rebelled and called Digambar Kamat, the leader of Opposition as a snake in the grass. This was followed by Congress MLA Alexieo Reginaldo Lourenco revealing that the remaining Congress MLAs rather than fight for the issues of Goa sleep in their chambers. The cherry on top was when Congress spokesperson Trajano De Mello allegedly told people on a call that Girish Chodankar was guilty of working with the BJP in ticket distribution.
“Today the residents of Benaulim feel that AAP has proved to them that we are an alternative. Our new office will serve as a hub to further expand our work and outreach” said Hanzel Fernandes AAP Goa ZP.
“Benaulim is a historic place in AAP’s history. The residents of Benaulim have been the voters who will have ushered in  the first step in AAP’s journey of bringing people centric governance in Goa.” said AAP Goa Leader Capt Venzy Viegas. “This will be the next step to bringing about a change to Goa, a change that all Goenkars are waiting for. AAP is the only party in India that has lived up to its promises and thats what Goenkars deserve. I request everyone to support AAP and help us bring change in Goa” added Viegas
“Benaulim is always a special place for AAP in Goa, considering our first victory was here. The residents of Benauilim have realised that the Congress and Churchill Alemao are nothing but puppets of the BJP. They have realised that only AAP can bring change to Goa.” said AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre. “Goans want to know why their MLA who has been in power for so many years could not even make a single clinic for the residents. Benaulikars want politics of development” added Mhambre


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