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Thursday, February 9, 2023

10 per cent more seats in Educational Institutions: PM

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Margao: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday assured to increase the seat quota in the educational institutes across the country by ten per cent to accommodate the additional flow that would come due to recent decision to give reservations for economically weaker sections.

The Prime Minister  was addressing the BJP workers from Madha Parliamentary constituency of Maharashtra through video conferencing.

Modi said that the union government’s decision to have reservation for weaker sections in Educational Institutes and Government jobs have given sleepless nights to the opposition which is currently on spree of rumour mongering and spreading lies.

Laying to rest the worries over the lack of seats after the new reservation, the PM said “as far as seats are concerned, I would like to assure that we will increase 10 percent seats in each of the educational institution so that despite reservation, everyone will get an opportunity.”

“We also assure that no one would be facing the   injustice. SC, ST or OBC their reservations will be intact,” he said.

“But with 10 per cent reservation, new opportunities have been opened up,” the PM said.

Modi said central government’s decision has given sleepless night to the opposition.

“If our decision had no strength, then these people would not have had sleepless nights. They have to get down in the field to spread lies and rumours,” he added.

“This means we have done right work and worked for the country,” he said.

“We have worked rising above the political interests.

Sabka Saath, Sabka Vilas been the focus of our style of functioning,” Modi said.

“After independence, for the first time, BJP has taken such historic step. After researching the Indian Constitution, we have made 10 per cent reservation in the educational institutes and government services for economically weaker section,” he said.

“They (opposition) has not done anything for social injustice. When we did it, they were caught napping. These people are still unconscious. When we have taken historical step in larger good of people, it is natural for them to oppose,” he said.

“This was not possible without researching the Indian Constitution. If any party had to take such a step without researching the constitution, then I would myself criticize them,” the PM said.

“Those who say that I took the decision keeping in mind elections, then I want to ask them, when do we not have elections in the country?,” the PM questioned.

“If I had to take this decision 2-3 months back then people would have said I did it keeping in mind elections in five states. If I do it before that they would have said I did it for Karnataka elections, before that they would have said I did it to get benefit in Gujarat election,” the PM said.

Talking about the Mahagathbandhan, Modi said that opposition parties have ‘gathbandhan’ with the political parties while BJP has ‘gathbandhan’ with 125 crore people of this country.

“Those who were on the dais at Kolkatta were either son or daughter of big person or who want to make his son or daughter big in politics,” he alleged.

He said Mahagathbandhan has “dhanashakti” (money power) while BJP has “Janashakti” (people’s power).

He also alleged that those who never believed in democracy within their parties are now talking about democracy from public platform.

The PM said that mahagathbandhan has already started searching reasons for their defeats and one of it is EVMs.

Appealing the party workers to strengthen the booths, Modi said that BJP has given respect to the word ‘worker’.

“Due to earlier governments, the image of worker was that of ‘dalal’. But the image of BJP workers is that of “Maa Bharat Ke Lal.”

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