Give reason why bikers and autos cannot use 3rd Mandovi bridge. : AAP

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The Aam Aadmi party has said that the Government should inform the public the reason for not allowing motorbikes and auto rickshaws on the third Mandovi bridge. Seeking to know in the ‘name of transparency’ why the bikers and auto rickshaws are denied access to the bridge, Aam Aadmi Party General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar said that in the absence of any justification, it is discriminatory against the common man and poor who are the main users of motorcycles and auto rickshaws as against the more affluent car owners.


“In the absence of any explanation, it appears that the bridge is to be used as a high speed corridor by the gamblers with high end luxury cars with Puducherry registration who will flock to ‘Las Goas’ at Mopa. The common man with a bike or hailing an auto rickshaw ride is insignificant to this government.” said Padgaonkar

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