“Weddings stopped at 10 pm then why Sunburn to continue till 12 midnight?”


Panaji: AAP Goa chief Amit Palekar has questioned why government is stopping the weddings in Goa by 10 pm while Sunburn will be allowed till 12 mid night.
Palekar was reacting to the statement by Environment minister Aleixo Sequeira who had claimed that Sunburn will continue till 12 mid night.

The AAP chief wrote on his X account “Covid cases on rise, locals are opposing but @DrPramodPSawant @AleixoASequeira are hell bent on supporting @SunburnFestival and let them play music till 12 am, why? What’s the reason? Kide challa re he matshe tari chita re lokanche! @DelilahLobo77
why have you become silent suddenly?”
“If you want to allow @SunburnFestival till 12 am why are you stopping weddings of Goans at sharp 10:00pm? @DrPramodPSawant and @AleixoASequeira now allow weddings till 12am for all Goans.”


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